Mahayulu is Family. Mahayulu is Tradition. Mahayulu is Honor. Mahayulu is Respect. 

Mahayulu values those principles above all else. Mahayulu is a brand with social purpose as its main objective and works with over 100 individual families of the Wayuu Tribe to make sure that compensation is evenly distributed. 

The burgeoning popularity of Mochila Bags is allowing some families to earn enough to send their children to college for the first time, not something typical in the past. The Mochila Bag is not only the icon of the Wayuu Tribe, it also represents freedom for the tribal women who live in a region of Colombia which faces a very high unemployment rate, a very high poverty rate, and  rampant government neglect. The Mochila Bag allows Wayuu women to express themselves creatively through art and also provide for their families, while remaining true to their unique traditions.